Hello World Wide Web

OK I'm up and running now all I have to do is stick some 'pix' on this thing but since I'm setting this up in work I don't have many drawings on my computer here but I'm going to sort that out tomorrow.
The story so far with me (artistically) is that I'm currently updating my website King Kongs Finger (which is a good few years old at this stage) and I should have it online by the end of the week but I've been saying that for the past three weeks but anyhow it will be there soon I promise. This is weird who the hell am I talking too! Not used to this blogging lark yet but in saying that I did set up Metal Ruins Lives with a mate of mine and if you are prepared to die for metal it should be just your cup of tea. Blood flavored tea.
So I'm going to try to update this as much as possible with all the work I do in the future and I hope you (who ever you are) enjoy viewing it as much as I do doing it.

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AidenKenny said...

Let me know when this blog comes out of stealth mode and I will post a link to it. (Also you will have to explain M.R.D. to me on Saturday...)