Garda Prank

So what happens if you have two mobile phones, and you use the first phone to ring
one garda station and the second phone to ring another garda station and you hold
the two phones together to "talk" to each other?


Dan (from Havas, remember?) said...

Hey Benny,

I just got sent a link to your Garda Prank video, and might I be the umpteenth to tell you I found it to be vivdly realised, and profoundly moving.

Anyway, nice to see you're still twiddling the Wacom.


The Block said...

Hey Benny,

If that's your animation it's a claass bit of work. Even got shown on The Panel!



Anonymous said...

Hey these guys are hiring...

wassupyall said...

dude, just got sent your video. funniest thing ever. you do the prank and the animation too?

what's your email address?