My New Vespa

I have never used ebay before so what do I go and buy on my first go.. some concert tickets maybe.. a novelty alarm, a fully restored 1967 Italian Vespa to be shipped from Australia with a wait of two months.. am.. ya sure why not, I'm broke but f**k it.


Declan said...

Benny, tell me your have read up on all the international scams on E-bay, right?

Ed said...

Ah sure you'll be grand. Go and read "Vroom with View" by Peter Moore and then recreate the entire book my man. Legend.

Gillian Comerford said...

I'm seriously jealous. I want a Vespa.... I was so close to buying a mini last month but I chickend out....I aim to be brave enough before Christmas comes.
I coloured "Fern" up in Painter...I'm only learning. Finding my lack of knowledge a bit restricting and frustrating but I'll get there eventually.