Carter and Son

This is a logo I have designed up for Rob Cullen managing director of Boulder Media (my old boss). It's pilot/trailer that Rob has created and himself and the Boulder crew have been working on for the past while. They have almost finished it and from what I've see it's going to look amazing! It's a kind of Indiana Jones, 40ies pulp comic style show with a modern twist, I think. But I had really good fun working on this cause I also got to do the music score which you can hear some of it..


Stephen Mooney said...

That's an excellent logo.

Voicetoons said...
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Voicetoons said...

Hi Ian, great work on the music score for the carter and son trailer. I / we did the voice dialogue for the short. Your work was amazing and fit the tone of the title perfectly. Look forward to working with you again man.

Anthony Reece