The Clara Bog was a project that I really enjoyed doing as it was the first and most comprehensive 3D animation piece that I have worked on so far. It was a lot of work having to solely produce everything from storyboards, concept designs, 3D animations to the finished piece but was a good challenge with a really rewarding outcome.
Clara Bog has, to my suprise, a huge variety of plants and animals and it was a lot of fun coming up with character designs for all the different creatures that live there. I tried to push myself to come up with original designs whilst at the same time trying to keep the personality of the characters. It was also a challenge to keep the charm of the rough illustrations and translate this to the cleaner versions of the 3D renders. Here in this slideshow you can view larger images of the sketches and test renders. 

The animations are part of an interactive presentation where kids click on different buttons of the animal names. Here are all the sections put together into one clip.

 I also put together a short making of - always wanted to do a making of after years of watching DVD extras and shows like Movie Magic!

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