Eco Boy

Myself and Derek made this last year for another competition for a group called The first prize was to win a car but the comp was a complete sham, in the end I don't think anybody won but we had fun making it.
We slapped it together over a couple of days (as you will see with the dodgy green screen, sound etc) but with the help of Aran, Derek's little nephew (who did an amazing job in the lead role) and our make-up and costumes department (Isobel) it turned out pretty well.


Scribbler said...

ha ha i'm still laughin - deadly stuff old man.

Anonymous said...

I also entered the competition, what a sham. I contacted them but got some lame excuse about not being enough entrants. Great video though

Fran Johnston said...

Great stuff Benny. Love Pollutor's tank! hope we see more posts soon!

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.