Paul Clancy R.I.P

Got some very sad and shocking news last week, my good friend Paul Clancy died suddenly of a heart attack or what's known as 'sudden adult death syndrome'.
He was a really great guy, one of the nicest you could ever meet, really funny too - he had fairly unique sense of humor and was also a talented musician.
It was so sad because he had so much to look forward to, he was to get married in September to his lovely fiancee Isa and was also due to release his new album this week (I helped him out with the art work). If anyone is interested in buying the album you can get it on download here.

It's still hard to believe he's gone, I'll really miss Paul he was a really cool guy, one of the best!

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Fran Johnston said...

Hey Benny.
Sorry to hear about your friend. A lad I used to go to Dublin matchs with died suddenly like that and was in a similar situation with his life looking good and a lovely fiance. Its hard to grasp when these things happen but hope you're ok and my thoughts are with his family!
Take care man.