Yet another redesign, but this one will hopefully be around for a while.
I wanted to have a proper html site as apposed to a flash one, one that I could integrate my blog and one that would be easily updateable. So at the start of the summer I set about learning Dreamweaver and it wasn't long before I realised that life is too short. Then after having a chat to my brother about the horrors of programing he sent me in the direction of Squarespace. I highly recommend this site it does all the programing for you all you have to do is design, perfect! I mean I spent the best part of a week working out how to load my blog onto my site, they have an 'import blog button'! There not free but they are worth it or at least save you from the hours of programing hell.
So now that I have a shiny new site I also will have a new rss feed (sorry blogger it was good while it lasted) and I promise to keep it updated I swear.

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